Visari Square

Follow Garza through the building and drop down off the building on the right
side, and continue to carefully descend until you reach street level. Take out
the enemies in the building across the street at ground level by moving up and
using the unmanned tank for cover. Jump over the sandbags by the large
white van and look for a door along the left wall. Enter here in to the
building and jump through the open window. Helghast will come from the right,
so make use of the small explosive canister left of the cover they're using.

Head up the stone stairs and you'll be attacked by more Helghast. Enter the
locker room on the right, and put them all down. As always, use cover to stay
alive. Exit the locker room through the other door, and enter the next door
on the left. Kill any enemies who are still alive in here and then leave the
room through the door by an overturned desk. Follow the hallway left, past
two corners, then drop down the hole in the floor.

Kill the Helghast hiding outside the room and go through the alley. When you
get up the stairs, and kill the Helghast here. You'll see a door blocked by
flowing electricity. The door is locked due to an electrical malfunction
that this caused. Shoot the glowing part of an electric panel to the left
to cut off the electricity and open the door. Head through the door, then
another, down the stairs and kill all the Helghast here.

Cross the small catwalk surrounded by barbed wire once they're dead, and
follow the hallway until you come out onto a fire escape with a ladder.
Climb down the ladder and kill the Helghast that attack (I suggest a cooked
grenade, because there is little cover at the bottom of the ladder).
Head down into the square surrounded by buildings where Rico and Natko are
waiting. Follow Rico when you get down there, and stay nearby.

Helghast mount an assault, and you have to fight them off. Another group of
enemies will come in a dropship after Rico attempts to shoot the lock on a
door to open it. They will be in a nearby building. Shoot them all down
careful not to leave your cover too long. A third wave comes from both the
smoky stairs in the alley and upstairs from the building behind you.
Go upstairs and take the fight up there so they do not sneak up on and
melee kill you. Rico and Natko should be able to take care of the Helghast
on the ground.

A fourth wave comes when a tank drives through a wall, out into the square.
Take advantage of your heightened position and pick them off. Head back down
when it's all over and left into the building near the smoke-filled alley.
Follow Rico, Natko and Garza back out to Visari Square and some Helghast
will begin attacking. Kill them all and check inside a small shack once
they're gone. Grab grenades at the front of the shack, underneath the window
if you can carry them.

A group of Helghast soldiers come out to attack. There are two mounted machine
guns left and right of the shack, at the walls, so make use of their own
weapons against them. When you finish them, another wave of enemies comes.
Keep using the machine gun and it shouldn't be difficult to suppress the
assault. A third wave from a dropship comes, keep using the machine gun and
you'll mop the floor with them.

The fourth wave of enemies comes from the cable cars, which are behind you,
so you'll have to get off the machine gun to deal with it. The fifth,
and final, wave comes from behind. Get back on one of the machine guns
and use it to take out the infantry. When a heavy gets close enough, unload
the machine gun on his head, then the tanks on his back until they explode.
With the powerful mounted machine guns, the heavies should go down the first
time you shoot their tanks.

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