Maelstra Barrens walkthrough

This is the most straightforward, fun and (unfortunately) short of all the
stages. I completed it the first time with a total play time of less than
six minutes.

Follow Rico and Natko to the crash site. There's no Helghast resistance before
reaching some ISA soldiers. The fun part of this level is that you get to
pilot a mech with with the destructive power of a tank and much better
maneuverability. Move with the left analog stick, aim with the right, fire
the machine gun with R1 and rockets with L1. The mech is also capable of

Follow the pretty obvious path ahead of you until you trigger a cutscene.
Move along with the buggy and shoot down all the Helghast. Keep going and
you'll have to take on an APC, enemies with VC9s, and eventually tanks.
Don't worry if you get hit by one VC9 shot, it isn't enough to destroy the
mech, and the cues for heavy damage will fade as its damage regenerates just
like your health does.

When you reach the first tanks, use rockets on them. After taking out the
first one, hitting the second one on the bridge over to the right causes
the bridge to collapse on the tank. Head over the hill to meet up with an ISA
convoy, and head in the direction they're driving. Take out the nearby tank,
then the infantry on the ground nearby, then focus on the helghast with VC9s
in the building behind the tanks, then finally the two tanks over the small
hill. Be sure to use cover so your mech can recover before it explodes.

Sadly, once you finish the tanks, this level is over.

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