Salamun Bridge walkthrough

Heavy resistance on the bridge. There are a few trigger happy Helghast with
M327 Grenade Launchers, too. Take advantage of the M82's better range and pick
them off. If an ally is downed too far up, ignore him. It's very dangerous to
get too close, and he'll get back up when you reach a checkpoint anyways.
Keep killing and pushing, and when you (almost inevitably) run low on ammo,
look for ammo boxes laying around ISA APCs. Eventually the Helghast will raise
the bridge to keep you from reaching the other side.

Now you'll need to take out the machine gunners. Kill off the Helghast who
aren't on machine guns while you make your way along the left side of the
bridge. Sprint behind the ruined van left of the machine gunner's nest. Pop
out, shoot him and get behind the nest. Kill any other Helghast not on one
of the machine guns, and flank the other machine gunner.

Behind the left machine gun nest, there is a path leading underneath the
bridge on the left side. Follow Garza down to begin searching for a way to
lower the bridge. Keep following the ISA soldiers and they shout about
having been spotted by AA Gunners. Great.

Carefully pick off Helghast around the AA Gun, but don't stick your head out
for too long or you risk getting your face blown off by the AA. Move up when
you drop the Helghast little by little. Move too fast and you'll likely be
overrun. When you get close enough to get a clean shot on the AA Gunner,
kill him to get rid of that annoyance.

Up on the structure where the AA gun is, head to the left and there are a
few smashable boxes with grenades and grenade chains for an M327 Grenade
Launcher. Climb up the stairs and get on the AA gun. Turn the AA gun around
and fire on the Helghast around the area. Once it's all clear get off the AA
gun and head through the area you just to the left.

Head up the stairs and in to the building, then up either set of stairs inside
(they lead to the same place). Head up to the third floor from there are turn
the valve up there. Shoot a few Helghast from inside while Garza gets the door
open, then grab the VC32 Sniper Rifle.

Use the VC32 to pick off enemies from long range. If you wish, you can stand
in one place and snipe the respawning machine gunners in the head until you
get the "Melonpopper" trophy. Chest shots will do the job for most enemies,
but the machine gunners are covered by the MG's armor. Focus on closer
enemies, then look for the Helghast who have VC9s. There are some both on the
ground and in the buildings.

Move up using cover once you've shot them all down (and swap weapons if you
like). The small building on the left side of the bridge can provide cover
from Helghast fire, and a better view to shoot them. Pick off a few Helghast,
then move forward to new cover and repeat until you finish them all off.

Once they're all gone, go to the buggy Garza is near and wait for a cutscene.
Head upstairs and inside the palace. Follow Rico, Garza and Natko, but don't
enter the room they do. Go up the staircase to the left of the doorway. Stand
in front of the double-doors here, and when Natko says
"Yeah, something's fishy.", start cooking a grenade.

When the door opens, throw the grenade next to the two Helghast in front of
you. They should be dead, but there are plenty of others, so kill them all off
too. Be careful, because some of them have VC9s. When the left balconies are
clear, take the stairs at the end down and head across to the stairs up to the
right-side balconies. Finish off the enemies over there then head downstairs
in the room towards the door there. Follow the guys into Radec's office.

You're trapped on the roof with the ATAC, so you'll just have to take it out.
Head to the left to draw the ATAC towards the glowing power cells. When the
ATAC flies near them, shoot one of them, and the electricity will stun it.
Turn around and swap the VC9 Missile Launcher for your M82, but don't shoot
the ATAC with it yet.

Get down the nearby stairs and in to the underpass to the right past the
huge power cords at the bottom of the stairs. This are provides half-decent
cover from the ATAC, so you can survive. If you're injured, Wait until your
health recovers by hiding from the ATAC. Switch to your revolver and stun the
ATAC the same way as before, by luring it near the power cells and then
shooting one. Then switch to the VC9 Missile Launcher and hit the ATAC with a
missile. Repeat this several times and the ATAC will be destroyed.

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