Salamun District walkthrough

Follow the canal bank forward a bit and you will see a large open drain, the
entrace electrified. Shoot the glowing conduit over it, and the electricity
will be shut off. Head forward here, walk in the dark for a few moments and
you'll see light from a gaping hole in the right side of the drain pipe.
There are two Helghast soldiers opposite the hole in the drain pipe, on a
platform near stairs. Take them by surprise with M82 fire.

When they're down, get out of the pipe and head right. Be cautious of the
trap just past the corner of the platform. There are explosives with a motion
detector tripwire. Shoot the explosives so you don't get the blast up close.
Climb down the ladder and shoot the soldier hiding just past the left corner
at the base of the ladder. You can find a few grenades if you need them near
a chair and a stack of old newspapers.

Climb the other ladder in the area, then another to get up to the platform
where the Helghast were. Head up the stairs, and looking into the room you
should see Garza up on a higher level. A dropship comes in and brings Helghast
troops on the higher levels of the building, so shoot them from below using
what cover you have in the room. When it's clear on your level, move in to
the staircase and go up.

Move over the platform between cover and kill the Helghast one at a time. Head
left, through one room and back onto the platform through the other, heading
left. Clear the Helghast from the room on the left carefully, so they don't
swarm you. When you enter the room after killing its occupants, explosives
blow a hole in the right wall, where more Helghast come in. Back out of the
room here so they don't make you look like swiss cheese. Pick them off then
go through the hole they came in.

Take the VC1 Flamethrower from this room if you wish, then proceed upstairs
and around the platform to rendevous with Garza. Follow Garza down a flight of
stairs that are broken at the bottom. You can smash the boxes here for some
Flamethrower ammo and grenades. There's also a weapon rack if you prefer a
choice between an StA14 Rifle, StA52 Assault Rifle and an StA11 SMG.

Follow Garza out and you'll find an enemy Artillery Battery manned by Helghast,
firing at Narville's convoy. Take out the crew carefully, because there's a
machine gunner watching over the crew who'd like nothing more than to shoot
you to ribbons. Plant the D-Charge once you've got the machine gunner taken
care of, and detonate it from a safe distance.

Move along the left wall and you shouldn't have to be concerned about the
other machine gun on the high platform. Head down the hallway after killing
any Helghast who were in it, and others in the room at its end. Head up the
stairs and shut down the attack of a few Helghast. A small, dark room to the
right just past the broken wall here contains a smashable box with a few

Follow Garza through the wide-open door and get on the machine gun to the
left to use it against some attacking Helghast. After the quickly suppressed
attack, Garza opens up a door, and is attacked. Kill the shotgun-wielding
attackers and revive Garza. Step up to the first door on the left and there's
a Helghast soldier to kill. The room behind the second door on the left has a
few more, and a weapon rack for ammo and grenades.

Head back and up the stairs to the next floor, where the other Artillery is.
The Helghast up here will try to kill you from behind, on a platform behind
direction you will be facing (if you go up the stairs forward, hint hint).
Plant the D-Charge on the Artillery and detonate at safe distance. Head for
the door with the glowing orange light, and cook a grenade. Throw it into the
room as soon as the door opens, because there are about five Helghast in
there, waiting to ambush you.

Kill any survivors and head through the room, following Garza into a building
with a huge hole in the floor. Follow Garza down into the hole, then drop down
the next one. Head down a few flights of stairs and into the sewage. The
smashable crates here have a few grenades for you. Follow Garza down the hall
and drain tunnel out into shallow water under a large platform. Make your way
up on to the platform with Garza and stay behind the wall.

A dropship comes in, bringing plenty of deadly Helghast with it. Make use of
cover often, and be wary of enemies who will try to shoot down at you from
nearby high-up platforms that make it difficult to get a clear shot. You may
need to get a grenade on the platform to take any such devious enemy out.

When the area is a little clearer, step around the corner and move forward,
then into the opening in the structure on the left. Head up the ramps to the
upper level of the left side of the platform, carefully. Helghast will try
to catch you off guard, and there are also some with VC9s and on machine
guns up here. You can find an M82 Assault Rifle in a corner outside of
the structure at the top of the ramps. Watch for enemies sneaking up
from behind coming up the ramp when the second dropship flies in.

Make the fight with VC9-wielding Helghast close range. They hesitate to use
their VC9s at close range, knowing it will kill them, and giving you a big
advantage over them. Once you clear the left side of enemies, cook a grenade
near the corner by the stairs leading to the machine gun nest on the upper
platform, and throw it right in the middle of the cluster of baddies.

Kill any remaining enemies and get over to Garza by the wall to boost up.
There is a smashable crate in the small warehouse directly in front of you
with some grenades, so be sure to grab them. Go up the stairs with Garza and
inside the building. Follow the narrow hallway right until it opens on the

Drop down here and back in to the recession in the wall. From here, shoot the
explosives in the obvious trap. The explosives on the second trap are hidden
behind the small concrete wall of two small drains. Jump on the small concrete
structure, walk on the top edge and hop diagonally left toward the middle of
the tunnel, over the motion detector. Step back a few steps and shoot the
explosives so Garza can get through. The third trap is simple enough, just
maintain a safe distance and shoot it.

Climb the ladder, turn right and climb the next ladder. The alley to the right
from the top of the ladder has two explosive traps. Shoot one and both will be
set off. Helghast, as usual. Kill them. Some are up on the building, some are
down on your level in the alley, coming from the left.

There's a mounted machine gun on the ground on the left just past the
corner, so take advantage when it's clear enough to get on it without dying.
Hammer them with machine gun fire, and watch for any red eyes on the roof using
the mounted MG up there.

When it's relatively clear (more enemies will slowly spawn), plant a D-Charge
on the heavy door and blow it. Inside the power station, work on filling the
Helghast on the second floor with bullets. Don't go up yet - they outnumber
you too heavily. Stay on the first floor until you've nearly cleared the upper
level. Some may still be alive on the roof and fire down, so use caution.

Once on the second level, take out any remaining Helghast on the third,
and check for other Helghast who may enter the power station from the
alley on the first floor. When it's clear enough, set D-Charges on all four
pillars, then leave the building before detonating them or you will die.

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