Tharsis Refinery walkthrough

You need to get to the engine room of the train, so follow Rico. You've only
got your Revolver for now, so you're going to need to find a better weapon,
since this obviously will not cut it. After passing the rear car of the train,
look left of a tank on board with a canvas flapping in the wind to find a
VC21 Bolt Gun on a weapon rack. Some Helghast should start attacking shortly,
so you'll need it. If you don't like the gun too awfully much, swap it for one
of the red eyes' StA11 SMGs after killing them. Move to the next car and keep
pushing forward.

At the next car, head into the structure on the train and there's a weapon
rack from which you can get ammo for an StA11 SMG, LS13 Shotgun and VC21 Bolt
Gun. Move up one of the ramps to the upper level and follow the catwalk on
either side. Watch out for the SMG-wielding Helghast on the lower level, take
them out carefully. Follow Rico back outside once you kill the few Helghast
and move to a car with what appear to be jet engines on both sides near where
you come out on to the car.

Move forward to another car with a tank covered by a canvas. There's an
obvious weapon rack on the right to resupply you with ammo. An unmanned
Helghast tank is there to provide you with hot lead amusement, so get on its
machine gun and cut down all the Helghast attackers. You'll want to cause
plenty of explosions to near enough Higs, so shoot at glowing canisters of
petrusite too.

Once you've cleard the car, which shouldn't take too long, get off the MG and
head across it. Kill the few Helghast who were hiding because they didn't want
be part of the fun and move on to the next car. A group of enemies down by a
tank will be waiting to attack, so be prepared and kill them carefully with

At least one of them will have a VC9, so be sure to be extra cautious.
Once the soldiers on foot are out of the picture, grab a VC9 from the nearby
weapon rack on the left and make scrap metal out of the tank.
Cross the car and kill a few helghast near the building at the front of the
train. Enter the building and follow it forward into the train's control

A few Helghast facing the other direction will be having a brief conversation
about the miner who was operating the train. Even more brief if you decide to
cut it short with a surprise grenade. You should be able to make short work of
them. Help Rico up over the chain-link fence on the left side of the room and
head forward. Kill the enemies who attack and head into the path on the left
with the pipeline running along it. Crouch to get under the pipe and move

The unavoidable hole will place you in front of a passage obstructed by deadly
amounts of flowing electricity. Shoot the the glowing electrical panel on the
wall straight ahead to get it shut off. Follow the hallway to the corner, and
when you come close to the doorway, some Helghast should spot you. Kill the
nuisances and get some ammo from the weapon rack. Head up the short stairs to
the right just past the containers here and shoot the electric panel on
the wall.That shuts off the electricity making the ground near the elevator
dangerous, so get on the elevator and press the button to go down.

Head out once at the bottom and the Helghast soldiers will release an
Arc Trooper. Think a heavy, only this guy has a VC5 Electricity Gun,
so his lightning will do heavier damage than a heavy's machine gun.
Use the same strategy as you would for a heavy - with a little more emphasis
on taking cover - and once he's down, snatch his VC5 Electricity Gun. I love
this weapon. It's a lightning gun.... with self-sustaining charge.

All you have to do to refill your charge for the weapon is press the reload
button to recharge the power cells. The charge before you have to recharge the
weapon lasts longer than any other weapon if you hold down the fire button,
but it's reload time is also the slowest. It shouldn't be a problem if you
recharge it every time there aren't enemies around.

Head to the left and climb the ladder up to the platform. Press the button up
here to open the door on the lower platform, and take advantage of an
opportunity to try out the VC5 Electricity Gun. Recharge it once you've zapped
the Helghast and head through the door on the lower platform.

Another ladder in the left corner of this platform leads up to where some of
the Helghast were, and the way you need to go. Climb a third ladder in the
next room, then head right and follow the catwalk to the end. Jump into
one of the buckets to catch a ride through the refinery. There are various
places during the ride with attacking Helghast, but you can crouch in the
bucket to take cover from their fire.

Once you reach the end of the relatively short ride, you'll notice some
electricity that's about to be very dangerous to you if you don't act
quickly enough. Zap the electric panel on the outside wall of the building to
the left to drop safely out of the bucket and out of harm's way. Kill the
Helghast and grab some grenades from the weapon rack if you can carry them.
Head left and follow the path around and in to the building.

Go into the next room for some more target practice with the Electricity Gun,
then exit the building. Head to the left to find another weapon rack (like
you need that, with the Electricity Gun) and follow the walkway into the
next area. You'll be attacked by some sentry bots, so zap 'em till they blow.
More will come, so keep zapping them ad moving along the walkways. Take cover
between the metal containers when you need it and you'll make it through.

When you get to the more open area with the elevator, get on and press the
button to ride it up. Head through a few rooms in the building and you should
come out to an area with elevated tracks with mine carts rolling over them.
Head left along the ground level tracks, and melee any petrusite spiders,
the Electricity Gun won't hurt them. Head up the stairs on the left at the
end of the tracks to meet up with Rico.

Follow Rico to the left, out of the control room where there are two smashable
boxes with grenades. Follow Rico across the narrow catwalk and around towards
a building. Head to the left up the ramps that wind upwards through the room
and destroy the sentry bots and Helghast soldiers on the way up. Keep
following the winding paths upward, killing all the Helghast and destroying
the sentry bots.

When you reach the top, follow the walkway around to the middle. Take the
stairs just to the left and press the button up there to send the elevator
down. Natko opens up a door, so head through when it opens and the next one,
and take the stairs on the left side of this room up. head left at the top of
the stairs to get to the landing zone.

Zap the Helghast out there and the ones on the higher platforms. You can't
get up to them, so you'll just have to electrocute them from the ground.
Take cover when you need to recharge and keep taking out the Helghast. When
Evelyn comes up to the area, follow her to a locked door. Zap some more
Helghast to kill time until Natko gets the door open, then head inside.

Head to the right, the turn left to see the stairs. Head up the five flights
of stairs and Evelyn will contact the ISA. Grab the VC32 Sniper Rifle by the
window in the building and use it to snipe some Helghast while you're waiting
for Raptor-Actual to arrive. Head all the way back down to the landing zone
when they fly in on an intruder.

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