Visari Palace walkthrough

Follow the soldiers up to the broken end of the bridge. Ignore the tank,
because you don't have the firepower to take it down. Head to the right
instead, down the stairs. Fight your way forward through the resistance here,
slowly and carefully. The resistance is so tough on this level if you don't
take it slow, it's suicide. Machine guns cover both sides of your way forward,
and most enemies here are equipped with LMGs.

From the bottom of the stairs, hide behind the huge storage container for
cover. Come out from behind to shoot, but not for long. Take then out one at
a time until you can press foward, always behind cover when not firing.
When it's clear enough, move up by the machine guns and take down the rest
of the Helghast.

Move into the building when it's all clear and make your way up the stairs.
Fight your way through the building and a tank comes in. Grab the VC9 from
the weapon rack and use it on the tank. When the tank's down, head outside and
up the stairs. Your goal now is to take out the four towers in the area.

Make your way carefully to each of the towers, using much cover. Kill the
Helghast in each tower, plant the charges, get clear and destroy the towers
one by one. This is not an easy task with fire all over the place. Use
grenades to stun any heavies you run into and take them down by shooting
their tanks. The Light Machine Gun destroys them quickly when firing at
close range.

When you have all four towers destroyed, follow the objective marker to take
find the right direction to the elevator. Kill the Helghast defending it and
then ride it up with Rico. Follow Rico out of the building, then sprint cross
the walkways into the next building. There are ATACs, and little cover outside
to protect you from them.

Outside this small building is the courtyard of Visari Palace. You'll have to
work your way through the heavy Helghast forces here to get to the palace
itself. There are ATACs, but they won't focus on attacking you very often
because there are so many ISA soldiers in the courtyard. Pick left or right,
and start forcing your way through. You'll see heavy resistance that forces
slow progress, so don't try to rush or you're guaranteed to be shot down.

Take them out a little at a time and press on. Watch out for the machine
gunners on the raised stone platfor in the middle of the courtyard. You'll
have to watch out for them and take cover. When you move up some, the ISA
soldiers will move up with you too, so they will provide some assistance.
Keep pushing and be careful when pushing your way through up the stairs.

The platform where the machine guns are has a pretty dense cluster of
Helghast, so use caution. There are a lot of enemies you have to kill to be
able to move past the top of the stairs, so make sure you use cover often
when working on getting past there.

Once you've gotten enough, you'll see fewer Helghast up there, so move up and
clear out the area with the machine guns, carefully! You don't want these guys
behind you when you continue pressing forward. Keep pressing forward through
the courtyard and you'll have to get through some barricades. Work your way
through more Helghast on either side and make it up to the barricade.

You can get in from the right side of the left barricade and vise-versa.
Use the ammo and cover to continue pressing forward toward the palace. Once
you get up the first set of steps toward the palace, an ATAC flies in.
Fortunately, it's not as tough as the one on Salamun Bridge, so shoot it
down. It won't go down as quickly as a sentry bot, but it will.

Move to the left through the structure over to the stairs and keep pushing.
Use the stone rails of the stairs for cover when you need it. This time you
can't choose your side. The only opening in the barbed-wire barricades of
the Helghast is on the left side. Fight your way up to the barricade and find
the hole. Keep shooting and get in there. Force your way through the forces,
killing them and get to the palace steps.

Finish off the last enemies from the side or behind and you're clear to enter
the palace. Inside the palace there are varius different short walls you can
use for cover, but the best thing in my opinion is the large statue in the
center. Move forward and you'll trigger a cutscene.

Ignore Radec for now, but obviously take cover if he's shooting at you.
Focus on killing the grunts he sends. Try to stay close to Rico, and use the
statue for cover. Kill all the first wave and Radec sends more. The second
wave will have SMGs, and they like to try to get you from behind, so watch
your back.

The third wave comes from both sides, flamethrowers from the direction of
the entrance to the palace over the wall from door on the second floor,
and from the usual direction more grunts. Take out the flamethrowers first,
just as they drop down from the wall before they can attack. Take them out
sooner rather than later or they will become an aggravating nuisance.

After you get rid of the flamethrowers, kill off the rest of the attackers.
After you get the last of them, try to keep safe from the chandeliers
Radec has his men drop. Avoid standing out in the open and it isn't hard.
Doors on both sides of the statue will swing open, and you get a checkpoint.

Head over there as soon as you can, kill any Helghast who might be near
and get up the stairs. Kill all the Helghast around the balconies, and down
below on the palace floor. Find a point on the balcony where you can get a
shot at Radec when he becomes visible to shoot at you. Using the sniper rifle
on the weapon rack on the far opposite side of Radec's position works well.
Take out his VC9 firing goons and keep damaging him until he decides to take
you on by himself.

Get a Submachine Gun when Radec finally does. Head back down to the bottom
floor and take him on. Radec will use his invisibility to try and sneak
attack kill you. Keep moving and don't let him sneak up on you. He will also
appear and open fire at you and Rico. Shoot him when he appears either way.

When you damage him enough, Radec will move back to his position where
you can't reach him and fire at you. Head back up to the second floor,
grab the VC32 Sniper Rifle and shoot him a few times to finish him.

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