Suljeva Village walkthrough

Follow Rico, Garza and Natko, enjoying their pleasant conversation as I'm sure
you will, and you'll come into a communications room. Take the elevator down
with Rico when he decides on the plan. Follow Rico and you'll find a crashed
intruder. Grab an M82 if you want and continue to follow Rico until you get to
a building where he finds blood in front of a door. Pull the lever inside the
room to unlock the door to antenna control. After pulling the lever, some
Helghast will attack from outside. Head out there and show 'em who's boss.

Head left from the small platform outside the building and right after the
metal wall. Move from cover to cover as you progress through the somewhat open
area of a destroyed building, with metallic pillars and a few boxes. Many of
the Helghast out here are armed with StA3 Light Machine Guns, so be very
careful not to stay in their sights for too long.

Use the rusty, broken up bus for cover and kill more Helghast. Once it's clear,
move past the bus in the direction the Helghast came from towards the antenna
control room. When the Helghast come from inside, shoot them down and head in.
Follow Rico when inside the building. You'll see some large canisters of
petrusite in here. When shot, petrusite canisters will explode into a deadly
electrical pulse.

Head down the stairs and straight to find a weapon rack. Turn around and head
downward on the ramp leading outside. There are snipers out here, so you'll
need to find a way to get closer to them without getting shot. If you see their
laser sights coming close to you, get to cover as soon as possible. One shot
will inflict very heavy damage, and two will be fatal.

You should be able to see the first sniper ahead of you up on a catwalk that
is broken and bent downward. Kill him if you can before he gets a shot. Take
the path to the left between a rock formation and one of the buildings. If you
couldn't kill the sniper, he'll hide on the platform here, so kill him there.
Follow the path alongside the cliff until you see stairs by a destroyed

Slowly head up the stairs and you should be able to spot one of the snipers
facing out one of the windows of the building. If you go slowly, you should
be able to spot him, and kill him completely unaware. I've also seen him
hiding underneath the building itself a few times.

Two snipers should be in the building across from the one you're in, so spot
them, and kill them, using the wall by the far left window for cover. That's
all for the snipers, so drop out of the building from the window here, and
head up the steep hill into the building across. Kill the Helghast and when
you need cover, take a few steps back from the edge to conceal yourself from
their aim.

Move up when it appears clear, but be prepared for more. Kill some of the
Helghast in the building, then move up to it cautiously to finish the rest.
Follow Rico in the building when the Helghast are all dead (the music stopping
is your cue) and kill any petrusite spiders that attack you with a melee or
knife attack. Get upstairs and kill the Helghast outside before you go out.

Head into the structure outside and head down the path. You'll be attacked
by Sentry Bots on the walkway here. Shoot them down with whatever you have,
they're not as tough as ATACs. Climb the ladder at the end and turn the valve.
Start backtracking to rendevous with the rest of Alpha Squad. Kill the
attacking Helghast and continue backtracking to rendevous with Alpha Squad.

When you get back to the crashed (and now burning) intruder, another group
of Helghast attack. There isn't very much cover here, so push through slowly
to survive. If you charge straight up to them, you will die. Head in to the
building in the direction the Helghast were and make your way through. It
leads to a metal walkway, so follow that to its end and there is a weapon
rack and some grenades. Watch out for more petrusite spiders around here.

Head up a flight of stairs and two Helghast will ambush you. Another two are
on a walkway to your left. Kill them and sentry bots attack. Destroy it
and more Helghast attack from the other door on the walkway. Head left
through the door and down into a room with a smashable crate. The exit
is right around the corner from where you came down. Take the
grenades from the crate before heading out.

In the train yard outside the next room, Helghast attack from both sides.
From far right with LMGs and VC9s and closer left with LMGs. Step out of the
room to fire a little at the closer enemies on the left, but go back in for
cover. Kill all the closer Helghast, then grab the VC32 from the
weapon rack in the room you came from. Snipe all the enemies attacking from
the right (when leaving the room). When they're dead, head over there and
grab some VC32 ammo from the weapon rack and head up the stairs.

Snipe the two Helghast on the far end of the walkway straight from the top of
the stairs, then make your way over the walkways and kill the rest with a
closer ranged weapon. Head to the end of the catwalk marked when you press the
objective button.

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