The Cruiser walkthrough

Get on the elevator nearby some ISA soldiers to begin making your way up to
the bridge. Ride it up to the top and help your fellow soldiers with the
enemies they're engaging. A cooked grenade is good if they cluster together.
When you're finished with them, ride the other elevator up. Follow the walkway
at the top of the elevator and enter the open doorway on the right to go to
the bridge.

Walk up and you'll trigger a cutscene. Colonel Templar will tell you to go to
the gun deck. Head back out to the hall and turn right, take the elevator at
end down. Follow the hall and go to the door on the right with a weapon rack
next to it. You'll have to fight off Helghast in here once you get far enough
into the room. You can go either way around the walkways, it ends up the same
distance to get to the other side of the room and down the stairs.

Sentry bots will attack, so shoot them down and continue. Head to the other
side of the room for the stairs to go down once again (you can go either
left or right again). There's a heavy on the bottom floor you'll have to take
care of, so take advantage of your high position and cover to take him out
from above.

Head down to the bottom level and kill the two Helghast with Flamethrowers,
then follow the soldier through a door and wait until the other doors open,
then enter the gun deck. Go down the stairs to the right, right at the bottom
and follow the walkway down the stairs to the AA gun.

Get in the seat and shoot all the leech pods in the air. Offscreen leech pods'
locations are revealed by red arrows pointing in their direction. Friendlies
are marked with green arrows. Shoot as many of the leech pods as you can until
you are automatically ejected from the AA Gun.

Follow Natko until you reach a large elevator and press the button to ride it
down. At the bottom, kill any Helghast that get in your way and continue to
follow Natko. Head through the door after the platform where Helghast with
Grenade Launchers were and follow the walkway down the stairs. Kill the
Helghast and cross the catwalk in to the next room.

Get up the stairs on the right to the catwalks in the room. Kill the Helghast
and make your way across. On the other end of the catwalks, head down the
stairs and you can grab some ammo from a weapon rack. Another flight of stairs
leads down toward where you need to go, followed by a third. Move through this
dark room and over a catwalk in to another. Kill the Helghast, proceed
downstairs and finish the others. Head through the next room, amd just keep
following Natko.

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