Blood Meridian

Make your way over to stone wall where two soldiers are crouching behind a stone wall to rendevous with Captain Narville and receive orders. Go over to
the door on the right where Garza goes and press O on the door to set a D-Charge. Hold down R1 and turn your controller left and right so both sets of
red lights light up, then press O to arm the charge. Back off a good distance and press R1 to remote detonate the charges.

Head through the blasted open doorway and jump over the flaming rubble.
Follow Garza through the alley and prepare to run into some Helghast. Take care of the enemies and move up, but stop at the corner on the right.More Helghast past the corner, so take them out. Move through the alley and in the building to the right, taking out the Higs along the way. Head up the stairs and follow the catwalk around. Kill the resistance and keep moving.

When you get back outside, you meet a new and tough type of Helghast foe: a Heavy. The best strategy for these guys is to cook a grenade and throw
it near the Heavy. When the Heavy turns around, stunned, fire at the red tanks on his lower back. You may have to repeat this one or two
more times, but he'll go down when the tanks explode. If you finish him in under one minute, you'll get the "Giantslayer" trophy. After finishing the rest of the baddies, follow Garza and turn the valve on the left to open the door.

Move through the tunnel and head up the stairs on the right to assist the soldiers fighting here. Kill off the enemies, makins sure to take advantage of
the pillars here for cover. If you like, take one of the StA11 Submachine Guns from a dead Helghast, and collect ammo littered about the area. I personally
love this gun. Either way, move to the other side of the building, head right and upstairs.

At the top of the staircase, you will hear Helghast demanding you identify yourself. Why not answer by tossing a grenade in to the room from the
top of the stairs? Kill any survivors and move through the room. Cross the catwalk outside and enter the doorway with a green light on it's left.
Head down the stairs here and outside, but be prepared for a tough fight.

You may want to make use of the VC9 in the corner just inside the doorway to soften some of the Helghast up. Make your way, killing the resilient enemies
here as you go. Be sure to stay near good cover, there are more than a few Helghast here, and they all have StA11 Submachine Guns. Once you have
cleared out most of the enemies, head up the stairs and take out the rest.
Follow the path upstairs and enter the building.

Get into the elevator and take it up. Follow the walkway, and ignore the enemies down below for now. From the walkway, you may not be able to get a very good shot. Look to the right at the end of the walkway and head down the stairs here. Move forward to new cover when the enemies closest to you are dead and keep taking them out.

Two enemies are hiding behind containers on both sides at the end of the small, fenced-in walkway, so cook a grenade and throw it right at the end
of the walkway to kill them. Head inside the building near the other side of the walkway and head up the stairs. Follow Garza, and get the grenades from the weapon rack if you need them.

Take out the enemies in the area before moving to the Arc defense weapon.
Press the button on the nearby platform, and when the Arc defense weapon opens to fire, fire at the power cells. You probably will not be able to destroy
both power cells before it closes again, and Helghast will start attacking.  Focus on shooting down the Helghast until someone calls out for you to shoot
it again. Destroy the second power cell when they do and the Arc Tower will be destroyed.

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