Sky Plus problems

Sky Plus BoxThere have been a number of problems concerning Sky plus boxes. Users have reported Sky plus boxes freezing during standard channel surfing.   Most of the time these problems can be resolved by turning the box off and turning it back on. However in some cases it is necessary to contact Sky.
If an engineer is required it will usually cost 65.Sky has also been the subject of a BBC Watchdog investigation concerning faulty Sky plus boxes with some viewer complaining that they have had up to nine different digiboxes in the space of a year. Most viewers have also complained that boxes appear to have malfunctioned shortly after the 12 month warranty runs out. 
A little known fact is that Sky has the ability to remotely control the boxes, if they are connected to to a phone line. This means that the company can resolve problems, as well as create them.The company was also criticised for not publicising the fact that Sky boxes are designed to monitor everything that a viewer watches, and then send this information to Sky via a phone line in the middle of the night.
Its one of the reasons that Sky state you must have your box attached to a phone line for the first 12 months.
Sky has said that it will investigate all complaints concerning the new boxes, and has stated with any new technology there are bound to be glitches, such as occasional freezing.
However as Sky has now started to roll out HD boxes, costing 399 each, which are based on the faulty Sky plus technology.

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