TRUSTe is based in San Francisco, California and was founded in 1997 and is a private corporation. The company has three people on its management team and 13 people on its board of directors. The three people on TRUSTe’s management are Fran Maier, CEO; Chris Russell, COO; and Maureen Cooney, CPO and Vice President of Public Policy.

Contrary to popular belief the company is not a non profit organization.
As of 2009 the company sells a number of different privacy related products.
first program also provides a service that costs $49.00 per month. This is the basic service, which provides security and a trustworthy seal for people who have an online store or service. With this service, the online businessman can also add the TRUSTe seal onto its website. This program, which has a $49.00 per month provides the user with TRUSTe’s basic services, which include the TRUSTe Verified Seal, which is a seal that is placed on the user’s e-commerce website and makes the website more apt to generate more sales. This service also provides the online business owner with TRUSTe’s Easy Privacy Policy Generator. This is a program that can easily build a privacy policy that will fit the needs of the respective business owners who subscribe to this service.

The next service that TRUSTe provides costs $249.00 per month This service has more options available than the above mentioned service. This service provides the user with TRUSTe’s more involved services without TRUSTe’s seal. One of the services with this program is the Starter Privacy Policy, which is a template that the user can use to put together a privacy policy that is up to the best standards of the industry. The other service put out by this program is the Online Management, which gives the user a platform to manage his policy and his TRUSTe account in one place by using the TRUSTe Online Portal.

The third service package that TRUSTe provides its users is their best service package wich has a fee of $649.00. This program offers the user a Certified Privacy Policy with the TRUSTe Seal, which displays the TRUSTe certified seal on the user’s website and also certifies the user’s privacy policy and has the privacy policy to be endorsed by TRUSTe. This service is also ideal for non e-commerce businesses. This program also provides the user with One-to-One Privacy Consultations with TRUSTe and allows the subscriber to contact TRUSTe’s trained privacy experts about their privacy policies.


Privacy Seal

The Truste Privacy seal is widely used on a number of high traffic websites, such as adobe.com. It costs $850 per year, with additional charge for sites with more than 10,000 visitors per month.

Trusted Download

The trusted download progamme is designed to certify software as being spyware free. It is used by a limited number of company, mainly marketing firms. It has been heavily criticised for not being thorough and for certifying software that contained elements

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