Killzone 2 LMG

The Light Machine Gun (LMG) in Killzone is the most powerful automatic available in the game. It becomes unlocked once you have gained 550 points (one point roughly equates to one kill).

For those of you that are looking for a weapon with high accuracey, this isnt the gun for you. The LMG is best used in a supporting role when playing in a squad. By hanging back and using its devastating firepower to secure chokepoints you can rack up a huge number of kills. In close combat the weapon is also effective, but hardly a match for the shotgun.

Best ways to use the LMG

The gun is bested used in the Radec Academy, where chokepoints are abundant. And remember to make up for the lack of accuracy with the LMG use short controlled bursts. Done right you will have no problem running out of ammo and rake in some awesome kills.

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