Killzone 2 Controls

The following are the default controls for the PS3 version of Killzone 3. They can be customised from the game options menu.
Left Analog Stick: Movement

L3: Sprint

Right Analog Stick: Look/Aim

R3: Zoom

D-Pad Up: Objective marker, Zoom Scope with Sniper Rifle

D-Pad Down: Switch to grenade (this is not necessary to throw a Grenade)

D-Pad Left:

D-Pad Right: Switch to Knife

Select: Objectives Menu, remaining Intel and Helghast Symbols

Start: Pause Menu

Square: Reload weapon, hold to pick up weapons

Triangle: Switch between Primary Weapon and Side Arm (Revolver)

O: Interact, use emplaced weapon, enter/exit vehicle

X: Jump

L1: Melee attack (tap repeatedly for multiple attacks)

L2: Hold to crouch or stick to cover

R1: Fire weapon, attack with knife

R2: Throw grenade or hold to cook then release to throw grenade

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