The game has online capabilities and up to 16 players can participate in a game. However, there is no centralized online service but local servers, hence no worldwide competition.
The game features 8 maps which are based on maps from the Single Player Campaign. Battlefields features all weapons from the Single Player game, with the exception of the Laser Designator and the knife. Battlefields Offline features 1 player support with up to 15 bots, 6 gamemodes, and two teams (ISA and Helghast) available. The online portion is similar to the single player except there is no 2-player splitscreen.
Online play was well received by many. Shortly after the game was released, players found and began to exploit glitches in both the NA and EU versions of the game. The NA version of the game received two downloadable updates, the latest one patching the game to version 2.0. This eliminated many glitches and thus almost brought an end to the cheating.

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