Corinth River Walkthrough

After the game's interesting first cutscene, follow Garza. Head through the first door after Garza opens it and follow him until a cutscene
begins. Follow Garza, Natko and Rico and kill the Helghast you run into after going around a corner. Proceed onward, moving from cover to cover towards
the bridge and go under the overpass to where some ISA soldiers are. Grab the VC9 Missile Launcher from here. Zoom and aim for the large stack of explosives on the bridge between two emplaced machine guns and fire a missile to take out the bridge.

Pick up the M82 Assault Rifle and take out a few Helghast soldiers on the building to your left, one of whom has a VC9 Missile Launcher. Move on
and over a small barricade near the collapsed bridge. Move toward the riverbank and use the delapidated shack for cover as you shoot down the
Helghast on and around the two tanks. Once the area is clear of all Helghast, follow Garza to the right and climb up onto the elevator here by facing him and pressing O. Once up there, press the elevator button to ride it up.

You can get some ammo for the M82 or swap it for an StA52 Assault Rifle at the weapon rack left of the stairs. Head up the stairs and you'll
see two Helghast speaking. Cook a grenade and toss it at their feet to abruptly end their conversation. Kill off the Helghast on the warehouse's
floor and a platform to the left before moving along the platform and down the stairs to go down there yourself. Kill all the Helghast when they come
out into view, then walk to the side of the floor directly opposite of the stairs you came down from. Go up the stairs and through the room to the

You'll have to cover Garza while he gets the door open, so take care of all the Helghast out on the warehouse floor. You may be low
(or out) of ammo for the M82 by the time you finish with the Helghast, so pick up an StA52 from a weapon rack in the nearby room. Head left through the door
and in to the control room for the flood gates. Kill off the two Helghast in the opposite control room.

Open the flood gates by pressing O in front of the Valve. To turn it, turn your controller right as if it is a car's steering wheel, press and hold
L1 and R1 turn it left to turn the valve, then release L1 and R1. Do this three times and the flood gates will open up. Head back out of the room and
kill the Helghast, then follow Garza. Kill the charging Helghast and proceed in to the next room.

Continue to follow Garza until you come out to a rooftop with fenced ledges. Stay behind the side of the building on the left and step out briefly
to fire at the Helghast. Be careful you do not stand in the open for long, as some of the Helghast have VC9s, and a direct hit will be an instant death.
Once you have cleared out the nearby Helghast at the machine gun nests, proceed carefully and kill the rest of them, careful of Helghast with VC9s.
A visual cue to which ones have a VC9, I have discovered, is when you can  see the large weapon over their shoulder on their back.

If you sneak up on the Helghast on the last machine gun, you can get yourself a melee or knife kill to save the ammo. Get on the machine gun
and shoot down the rest of the Helghast on the ground. Follow Garza down a short drop onto a platform and down the staircase. In the next room, more
Helghast attack. Take them out, making use of cover, and proceed through the room.

Follow Garza through and up the stairwell, then out onto a rooftop.
Go through the small room and get onto the machine gun on the left behind a small metal wall. When on the machine gun, press and hold L2 to take cover
behind it's armor without having to get off the machine gun. Shoot up all the Helghast in the building across from your location and the building
eventually collapses. Move along, following Garza up a staircase and on some catwalks.

Kill the Helghast in the area, then grab the VC9 near the soldier Garza examines. Shoot the symbol painted on the weakened metal doors on the
left to get it open. Swap the VC9 for one of the nearby Assault Rifles (StA52 or M82, your choice) and continue through the blasted open doorway. Head up
the stairs and towards the building. As soon as the sliding doors of the building open, be prepared to shoot down a Helghast. If you're quick enough,
he won't have time to react.

Move along the platform on the right and kill the Helghast. If there are a few close together, you can use a well cooked grenade to kill them before they can
escape its blast. Be careful of the machine gun as you kill the Helghast on the catwalk heading toward the building. Go around the building to it's right
and clear out any remaining Helghast inside to get the machine guns off your allies. Head to the next building on the catwalks and clear it out as well.
Be careful of Helghast with VC9s. The Helghast on the second floor of the building can be shot from the catwalk, as there appears to be no way up.

When the building is clear, climb down the ladder Garza points out.
Outside the small area at the base of the ladder, turn right, kill the Helghast and head to the convoy. Grab the nearby VC9 and use it on the tank.
After taking out the Helghast tank, get in the ISA tank.

Kill the Helghast on the building and destroy the enemy tank with the tank's rockets. After you take out the enemy tank, get out of the tank and head to where the other ISA tanks are to take cover from an ISA rocket strike.
The rocket strike will clear out the rest of the enemies in the area, so just stay behind cover.

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