Corporate Ethics

Corporate Ethics is one of the increasing important aspects of any medium to large corporation.

A good Corporate Ethics policy should integrate into all levels of the business and the general philosophy of the company.

At the heart of the Corporate Ethics policy is defining the reason the company exists. Does it exist to provide value to its customers, increase the return to shareholder or another purpoase. By understanding the main reason for existence a policy can be built around it. In some cases it could be deemed that it is unethical to deviate from the main purpose of the company.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is more of an umbrella term under which the ethical rights and duties existing between companies and society is debated. Companies often produce a CSR report which details the work they have done with the local community.
Estate agents often have a bad reputation when it comes to honest conduct, and in the vast majority of cases that tends to be true, however many agencies are now joining ethics driven initiatves to stamp out this reputation.

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